Sometimes, no matter what the temperature outside, you may find that your body is craving warmth. Sometimes, the best remedy for physical aches and pains is heat therapy. One of the best forms of that is a hot stone massage. 

If you’ve never had a hot stone massage, and you’re not quite sure what to expect, well you’re reading the perfect little article.

Hot Stone Massage Explained

A hot stone massage is very similar to most standard massages, with one major exception. Well, obviously it’s even more amazing, but the reason for that is that in a hot stone massage your therapist will use smooth heated stones to perform the massage techniques, not just their hands and forearms. It’s kind of like being massaged by someone with intensely warm hands.  

The best part about the use of these hot stones is that they allow the heat to penetrate much deeper into the muscles being massaged. This not only feels amazing but also gives you the added benefit of a much deeper sense of relaxation and tension relief, both physically and emotionally.

Is Hot Stone Massage Best For Me?

It’s important to note that while hot stone massage can be very appealing to a variety of people, this technique isn’t for everyone. There are some additional contraindications specific to hot stone massage, including systemic inflammatory conditions, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and any other condition or medication that inhibits your senses. The ability to give proper feedback on temperature is crucial, and any impairment in that ability makes a hot stone massage ill-advised.

Communicate With Your Hot Stone Massage Therapist

While communication is always important in any massage, it’s especially important during a hot stone massage because of the heat factor. Let your therapist know if the stones are too hot or if you would like them to be a bit warmer. 

Oftentimes, if they feel a bit too warm to you, your massage therapist can either set them aside to cool for a minute, or they may simply move them slightly faster during the massage strokes so the temperature feels better to you. As the stones cool, leaving enough warmth to still feel wonderful, but cool enough to stay in one place for a while without burning, your massage therapist may choose to place them in strategic places, like in your hands, on your low back, under your neck, or on your stomach. The heat along with the slight weight of the stone can often provide an intense feeling of relief for the area of your body receiving the therapy.

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