Palm Springs has risen in popularity in the last decade for its famous golf course, spas, resorts, and beautiful scenery. This city has always been a staple for the Hollywood elite, but more and more everyday tourists are venturing to this area. This city that’s nestled between two different landscapes is a unique place to live and visit. If you want to learn a little bit more about this city, here are 11 facts about Palm Springs. 


1: It Is Home to the World’s Largest Aerial Tramway

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway opened in 1963. To this day, it is the largest aerial tramway in the entire world. When you ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, you’ll go from the bottom of the Coachella Valley to the top of San Jacinto peak in ten minutes. The aerial tramway gives riders a 360-degree view of the valley below and the mountains you’re going up. There are fantastic restaurants at the top to dine at and miles of hiking trails to enjoy before riding the tramway back to the valley. 


2: There are Over 50,000 Pools

With being in the desert, it’s probably no surprise that Palm Springs has a large number of pools. But did you know that Palm Springs has over 50,000 pools? Having over 50,000 pools means that this city has more pools per capita than anywhere else in the United States. Most residential places have pools and even many community buildings. Almost every spa and resort in the city have large and elegant pools to relax by and take a dip in when the sun becomes too much. 


3: It’s the Date Capital of the United States

Dates are Middle Eastern delicacies that grow rampant in Palm Springs. The dates grown in Palm Springs account for around 80% of all date production in the United States. These tasty and healthy fruits are regularly eaten here. If you want to learn more about dates, the Shields Date Garden is a wonderful place to visit. Here you can learn about how the owners farm these fruits without chemicals and more about the culture behind these fruits. 


4: It Became Popular Due to the Two Hour Rule

Palm Springs was put on the map when celebrities in old Hollywood had to abide by the two-hour rule. What’s the two hour rule you might ask? Movie studios implemented this rule back in the day to require actors and actresses to stay within two hours of the movie studio. This rule was a means to control celebrities and ensure they were always ready to show up to the studio. Palm Springs is an oasis that is right within the two-hour limit, which drew old celebrities to its charm. It was close enough to the studio but far enough away to feel like they had escaped the bustling city of Hollywood. 


5: Some Call it the Golf Capital of the World

One of the reasons Palm Springs is so popular is its golf courses. There are over 100 golf courses in the Palm Springs area, which attract golf tournaments annually. Many of the courses here were designed by famous course designers and golfers. 


6: There’s Sunshine Almost All Year

It’s probably no surprise that Palm Springs sees a lot of sunshine throughout the year due to its desert climate. Palm Springs sees an average of 300 days of sunshine every year. With sunshine for 80% of the year, it’s no wonder this is a popular tourist spot and that they have so many pools. Don’t be surprised with the temperatures reach over 100 degrees during the summer with so much sunshine. 


7: They Have One of the Highest Concentration of Same-Sex Couples

In Palm Springs, 7.2% of the households are made up of same-sex couples. You may be thinking that this percentage isn’t that high, but when the national average is 1%, it’s a significant number. With a higher concentration of same-sex couples, it’s clear that members of the LGBTQ+ community feel safe and accepted in this city. 


8: Hollywood’s Playground

We’ve already mentioned how celebrities began flocking to Palm Springs, but even after movie studios unimplemented the two hour rule, Palm Springs stayed Hollywood’s Playground. Even nowadays, celebrities own homes or visit this city regularly. Some of the most famous people to own property in Palm Springs were Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Cary Grant. Other famous people who frequented the area were Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Dinah Shore. 


9: They Have a Walk of Stars

Everyone knows about the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, but did you know that Palm Springs has their own version of it? They call it the Walk of Stars, and you can see it in downtown Palm Springs. While it’s not as vast as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there are still over 100 stars on the Walk of Stars. Some notable people who have stars on the Walk of Stars in Palm Springs are Elvis Presley, Former President Eisenhower, Lisa Vanderpump, and Arnold Palmer. 


10: Palm Springs Loves Modern Architecture

Palm Springs architecture is very modern compared to other cities in the country. This city really embraces its love for modern buildings. It has the largest concentration of modern residential buildings in the world. Palm Springs residents love their modern city so much that they even have an entire festival dedicated to celebrating and appreciating all things modern. There are over 350 events, from house tours to double-decker bus tours. Modernism Week became a non-profit that raises money to fund scholarships for people looking to study architecture and design in college. 


11: The Population Triples In the Winter

Palm Springs is an oasis in southern California. This area is a considerable retirement destination and a snowbird spot. From the months of November through March, Palm Spring’s population nearly triples in size. Retirees can play golf and soak up the sun. Snowbirds flock to this destination because even in the winter, the temperature doesn’t reach over 75 degrees, and it rarely dips below 40 degrees at night.