Palm Springs is known as one of the top tourists’ destinations today. Many local and foreign visitors simply love the ambiance of the place, because it gives them some feeling of peace and enjoyment, and also new perspectives. It offers a great and exciting way to escape from the busy world of city life. The beautiful sceneries in the place can entertain guests and take away their stress as they explore history and modern life in one location. There are also five-star hotels in the area, which is one reason why many tourists invite their friends to have a vacation there, and their ideal experience pushes them to come back over and over again.


If you have been in the Palm Springs before, you would certainly recall how the place had given you some comfort and relaxation. But the place deserves multiple visits as it is getting more and more attractive each year – there are new amenities and attractions to discover. In case you have never been in this popular and historical place yet, where celebrities could often be seen, then perhaps it is worth a try for your next trips. Before you set a schedule for that, though, you need to decide first which among the available hotels is exactly right for you. As your guide on that, read on the following descriptions and other details of some chosen best Palm Springs hotels that might be suited to your unique preferences:


Avalon Palm Springs


For any tourist who wants to stay in the middle of downtown Palm Springs, this is the hotel that is mostly preferred. It is a quaint cluster of cottages and bungalows, which showcases the beautiful carved hedges and pools. The place also offers the relaxing decadence of Beverly Hills which you surely wouldn’t want to miss. While the hotel is built with luxurious amenities with rooms looking like snowflakes at a glance, the price for guests is very reasonable. If you want delicious foods and spa treatments, the hotel staff can serve you that as much as you want. This hotel is definitely an excellent choice for tourists who want to enjoy good accommodation while they explore what the Palm Springs can offer.


Ace Hotel & Swim Club


Party-goers would never be out of place if they decide to stay in this hotel. This place was once a Motel 6 which especially caters to the young adventurers travelling to the desert. It houses retro macramé, vintage magazines, and classic record players for any visitor to see. Some guests find this one a nice way to enjoy their stay at the Palm Springs. They would have a glimpse of what has been there for some time ago. Another interesting fact about the place is that many tourists have felt like they were staying like cult members because of the fancy robes and walking sticks displayed for them to see and even try themselves. There is also a pool which guests love to stay at for them to be seen by those who are going on a beach cruiser. This amenity is offered at a very affordable rate, and non-guests are allowed also when they get the access. It offers them the opportunity to enjoy live music and parties on the hotel grounds.


The Parker Palm Springs


The concept of luxury that Palm Springs offers has lived on for years. It is one reason why many Hollywood celebrities have graced the place with their popularity. But this hotel is open to all guests, especially the classy ones. It is a well-designed property that spans in a 13-acre area that typically gives no visitors any reason to leave. Almost any kind of enjoyable activity can be experienced in the place. You can begin your day with some lemonade while exploring the exquisite grounds for the delicate eyes of tourists. There are also clay tennis courts that can entertain you, if you’re a sports lover. When you feel the need to dive in cold water, there are saline pools especially designed for all guests. Foot spa and Jacuzzi room plus high-end food hubs can complete your entire stay.


Sparrows Lodge


Yeah, by the name “Sparrow” itself, you will know what this resort can provide you. It is a unique place for the tourists who want to experience living off the grid for just a little moment. The experience is very ideal for those people who wish to stay out of the modern living – no social media and other stuff that’s kind of stressful for the busy ones. In short, it offers a detoxification from the effects of social life and the demands of present society. Yes, there are no televisions or phones in the guest rooms. But there are a lot of good things to enjoy such as bars and restaurants, and some others which you can discover when you stay in the place.


Colony Palms Hotel


On certain occasions, the glitzy appeal of a new place would make us even more excited to discover more attractions that it offers. Gladly, this hotel can exactly give you that kind of feeling. This has been in the Palm Springs since the 1930s, so it’s kind of historical. But through the years, it has evolved into a very accommodating place for all tourists. The rooms have transformed into more luxurious designs. Pools have become more appealing with trees’ shades surrounding the area. And downstairs, great restaurants can be enjoyed by guests after some bikini lounge.


Hotel California


Just like its song version, the Hotel California is also popular among many tourists who have visited Palm Springs. This is very suited to those who want to stay in a nice place without the fuss and frills. It has a homey and charming ambiance that can give a feeling of relaxation among guests. And if you’re not used to dining out just by yourself, there is a good alternative for guests to use the kitchen and prepare any food as they like. This place has just 15 rooms and a two-story townhouse with a balcony, but it can surely make guests feel like they are living in such one amazing place like no other.


There are other beautiful hotels and resorts in Palm Springs that could give you an ideal vacation or travel experience. You can check the best offers on certain websites, and assess your choice according to your personal or business preferences. It is smart for you as a tourist to get some guides on this matter from all available sources or references. Because your decision on which hotel to stay at would determine the kind of experience that you will get. Keep that in mind as you start exploring your choices.